about us

Rudy and Sue Mahara started vacationing many years ago in western Maine.  Sue’s family visited Bar Harbor for many years of her childhood. Those memories carried on into her adulthood when Sue’s family rented out an entire camp in western Maine.  The entire family, (in-laws and out-laws, kids and grandkids) went up to western Maine for vacation every summer.  During those times, Rudy began to envision and dream about his own property in that area of the country.   

 Rudy would travel all around western Maine and looking for property for many years.  On these family vacations with the in-laws, Rudy would find area Rotary clubs and visit.  This was Rudy’s first experience with the people in Rangeley, Maine.

 There was a small inheritance from the passing of Rudy’s mother.  He felt strongly that this money was not his own.  Rather, that he was a steward of this inheritance.  This was the beginning of a journey to a dream.   It was 2003 when they decided to seriously look for property in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes region. 

 Rudy and Sue Mahara truly believe that this is a piece of heaven on earth.  This property has been such a blessing to their family.  The Mahara’s hope to share this Maine experience with families near and abroad.  Please feel free to <contact us> for more information on experiencing western Maine at Mahara Mountain.

 Rudy Mahara Sr. Info

-          Financial Advisor in Fort Wayne, IN for 27 years
-          Past President of Anthony Wayne Rotary Club
-          Past TPM of Scottish Rite, 33rd Degree, ROJ Court 27
-          Local Radio Talk Show Host of ‘Your Money, Your Life.’
-          3 Children and 2 Grandchildren